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Welcome to Nickelodeon Kids. A fan blog dedicated to the stars and shows of Nickelodeon. Here you'll find edits from your favorite shows such as iCarly, Sam & Cat, and Victorious. The latest news about your favorite Nickelodeon stars such as Ariana Grande, Big Time Rush, Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, and much more. Read More
Sam & Cat
Airs: Saturdays
Time: 8/7C
Current Season: 1
Starring: Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy, Cameron Ocasio, Maree Cheatham, and Zoran Korach

The Haunted Hathaways
Airs: Saturdays
Time: 8:30/7:30C
Current Season: 1
Starring: Amber Montana, Breanna Yde, Ginifer King, Curtis Harris, Benjamin Flores Jr., and Chico Benymon

The Thundermans
Airs: Saturdays
Time: 9/8C
Current Season: 1
Starring: Jack Griffo, Diego Velazquez, Chris Tallman, Kira Kosarin, Addison Riecke, and Rosa Blasi

    Type: Film
    Genre: Horror
    Director: Drew Barrymore
    Release Date: 2014
    Starring: Keke Palmer and Liz Gillies

    Type: Film
    Genre: Drama/Comedy
    Director: Kristin Hanggi
    Release Date: N/A
    Starring: Victoria Justice

    Support Big Time Rush's James Maslow on Dancing with the Stars by voting for him every week!
    Vote: ABC.com, Call 1-800-868-3402, Facebook
    4/9 - Erin Sanders on Melissa & Joey
    4/26 - Radio Disney Music Awards - Ariana Grande nominated
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